Purple Sage 'Salvia'
Culinary Herbal Sage - A Classic flavor in Thanksgiving Stuffing and Swedish Meatball Recipes
Cat Mint 'Nepeta'
Herbal Culinary Cat Mint, Flavor of Cinnamon, Flowers Attract Bees, Cats and Soar Throats Enjoy Dried as a Tea
Herbal Culinary Lavender for Fairy Wands, Shortbread Cookies, Calming and Restful Sleep
French Tarragon
Culinary Herbal French Tarragon the Perfect Seasoning for Roast Chicken or Potatoes
Herbal, Culinary, Pollinator Attractor, One Snip and Spaghetti Sauce Comes to Mind. Combine with Oregano. Dried or Fresh
Culinary Herb Fresh and Dried, Fresh Wins in Salads and Pestos Combined with Lemon Balm and Parsley
Herbal Culinary Colendula Beautiful Salad Garnish. Added to Salves and Soaps to Smooth and Relieve Dry Skin
Culinary Herbal Lovage Leaves. Celery Taste. Leaves Garnish, Salads, and Vegetables. Roasted Lovage Root Combines with other Yummy Root Vegetables
Chives 'Allium'
Herbal Culinary Chive. Deliciously Onion-y Flowers and Stems. Honey Bees Love the Flowers
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