We share these strange times. 


Social Connection and Physical Distance


physical and mental health

Corona virus COVID-19

Three Ways to Fresh Produce

  1.  Grow or Forage Your Own

  2. Buy from a Local Farmer: Direct, CSA, or Co-Op

  3. Buy Fresh Produce in Your Local Grocery Store

Three Ways to Be Physical

  1.  Yoga/Stretch

  2. Explore the Outdoors

  3. Walk, Bike, and Kayak

Start Your Garden
Imagine, Plan, Create, Maintain, and Harvest from Your Own Garden
Fresh Produce Options
Farm Visits, CSAs, and Co-ops for fresh, local, and seasonal products
My Favorite Cooks, Recipes, and Flavors
Stretch Breathe Meditate
No matter how or where you are Breathing and Stretching brings Relief, Flexibility, Balance, and Strength
Get Outside
Walk, Bike, and Kayak for Exercise, Exploration, and Transportation
Be creative, paint, make a new board game, write stories, compose and play music
Honey and Warre Beekeeping
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Start Your Garden


Soil Quality

Enhance soil quality, reuse what you have, and reduce waste by composting


Plan Your Garden

Location, location, location,

Water, Light, and Space

Containers, In Ground, Outside, or Inside


Image by Jonathan Hanna

When, How, to Plant from Seed, Starts or Cuttings

Turn to a planting calendar for your area, 

Each US State extension office provides information for your area



Fresh Produce Options

Home Grown Vegetables

Local Farm CSA

Develop a Relationship to a Farmer for Seasonal Fare


Farmer's Co-ops and Markets

Choose amongst Several Farm Specialties from One Distribution Site


Shopping Basket

Grocery Store Options

Pick Your Way through the Produce Department



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