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About Me

 Figuring Out The Role Of Food

Writing is not high on my list of things to do, but my goal is to appease my food focus and in the process write a book about how food, movement, and mindset can work together to calm, heal, and improve life quality. 

Food is amazing, it effects your mood, and digestion. 

I've got a lot of questions to answer about food.  What is Food Politics? What happens to the nutrients as food is grown, processed, and transported.  What do physical activity and sleep do to change how our food is absorbed?

I know firsthand that as we age, change our fitness level, and even the change of seasons can affect each person craves particular food.  alternatively how is it that sometimes nothing changes and a particular food has a common response.  For example, why is chocolate so soothing to me and to a lot of women? 


Culture and Food, Emotion and Food, Food as the main character in articles, books, and movies. I'm not the only one with this focus. 

These are some of my questions: What is the value of growing what you eat?  How do I grow as much of what I eat as I can? What are the best farmers markets around? How does food choice relate to disease?  How is the price of sugar set and what do GMO, Paleo, and Antioxidant mean? What types of physical activity motivate me?  

As you can see, my mind is everywhere on the subject of food and that's where this blog comes in.  It's a place for me to explore lots of subjects and connect the dots.  I'll eventually have a focus and theme for how to feel my best and to help others do the same by way of a book.

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